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[expand title=”What is Ag Induction Manager?”]

Ag Induction Manager is being developed, in consultation with Agricultural Companies, to provide a safe, secure and efficient solution to customer Work Health and Safety (WHS) inductions, specific to the agriculture industry.

[expand title=”How does it operate?”]

Through a very clearly presented online training and compliance platform, Ag Induction Manager will inform and instruct producers and carriers of the risks and requirements for entering your Agricultural Workplaces to deliver or receive goods.

[expand title=”Who does it apply to?”]

Agricultural Companies sign up to the system and customers of these companies – producers and carriers – undertake the induction.

[expand title=”What is the benefit?”]

For the Company, Ag Induction Manager will provide a cost effective solution to reducing the administrative burden of delivering workplace inductions to Producers and Carriers while ensuring that risks are communicated and appropriate recordkeeping is maintained.

For the Producer or Carrier, Ag Induction Manager will provide one simple and secure site to access compulsory training and compliance requirements, which then provides access to multiple businesses.

[expand title=”Who will need to complete a safety induction?”]

It is envisaged the following individuals will need to complete a safety induction and be issued with an Ag Induction Card in order to access operational sites:

Producers – customers who conduct their own deliveries or pick-ups from sites, including sample drops.

Carriers – representatives of freight companies who deliver, or pick-up from sites.

Passengers – individuals travelling in the vehicle of a Producer or Carrier who require access to a workplace.

[expand title=”Who owns Ag Induction Manager?”]

A company called Ag In Compliance owns Ag Induction Manager. Ag In Compliance aims to be the industry leader in supporting Agricultural Work Health and Safety compliance. The experience brought to the company by it’s Principals ensures that the perspective and needs of both growers and supply chain operators will be considered, while introducing systems and approaches proven across the world.

[expand title=”Who holds Producer and Carrier User information?”]

Ag In Compliance manages and holds the data on behalf of the Agricultural Companies. Companies can access data specific only to their Agricultural Workplaces. The training platform is safe, secure and reliable.

Finance and Banking details will not be held by Ag In Compliance, as a secure third party service provider will handle payment.

[expand title=”How does a Company access Producer and Carrier user information?”]

When a Producer or Carrier enters an Agricultural Workplace, the company can either ask to see their Ag Induction Card or access a database to determine whether the induction is current and applicable for their Company.  If the Producer or Carrier has chosen to enter emergency contact information, this will also be available.

Ag Induction Manager has been designed to provide Agricultural Workplaces a reliable and secure audit trail in the event of an incident involving the inducted individual.  Ag Induction Manager will maintain training records for individuals for a period of 5 years. These records will be retrieved on request and include the specific material provided in the induction, the questions given to the person, and their answers.

[expand title=”Is User information confidential?”]

Data integrity and security are the cornerstones of Ag In Compliance’s business and as such, are of paramount importance. Ag In Compliance recognises that Companies, Producers and Carriers expect that their transactions with one entity will not be disclosed to any other company. Producer and Carrier details are only passed on to companies that they do business with.  A Company cannot see which other companies the Producer or Carrier does business with.

[expand title=”What time period will the induction cover?”]

Growers and Carriers will pay an annual fee that provides unlimited access to induction topics throughout the year.  At the end of the 12 months, Growers and Carriers will need to pay their next subscription and re-take the induction topics that they require.

[expand title=”What Agricultural Workplaces does this program cover?”]

Ag Induction Manager will provide a range of industry modules within the Agricultural sector, including but not limited to Grain, Hay, Livestock, Fertilizer, Agriculture Chemical, Machinery Dealers and Viticulture.

[expand title=”What sort of content will producers have to understand to become inducted?”]

All modules will contain common topics, such as Incident Reporting, Personal Protective Equipment and Vehicles on Site. Topics specific to an industry sector will include Grain Entrapment (Grain), Safe Loading and Unloading Hay (Hay) and Working with Animals (Livestock).

A Company may also choose to have their own topic, which will be developed with the Company and delivered as part of the system.

[expand title=”How long does it take to do the induction?”]

A Producer or Carrier will select modules relevant to their enterprise mix and Ag Induction Manager will automatically select topics to cover all relevant areas. On completion, the individual will be inducted to selected industry sectors and Companies based on their choice of modules. The intent is for the induction to take less than 1 hour, however timing will be dependent on the breadth of the enterprise.

[expand title=”When did Ag Induction Manager commence?”]

Ag Induction Manager began full operation in August 2013.
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