Assuming the industry moves towards induction for Growers and Carriers, the 8 employees of a Primary Producer might each have to undertake anĀ induction for 11 businessesĀ where work activities are performed.

Assuming it takes each employee one hour to undertake each induction, it will cost this business 88 hours to complete all inductions @$20 an hour totalling $1,760.

Potential outcome 88 hours x$20 hour $1,760
Ag Induction Manager 8x$49 -$392
+time to do Ag Induction Manager training 8hours (@$20 per hour) -$160
Net Benefit/Saving $1,208

(In this case the savings per employee would be $151 based on 11 sites)

* All assumptions are on a GST and oncost exclusive basis.