More companies see benefit in streamlined induction for their customers

Three well recognised companies have chosen to utilise Ag Induction Manager to provide their WHS induction platform. Australia Milling Group (AMG), Balco and Australian Growers Direct (AGD) have seen benefits in having a centralised platform for their customer base.

Hayden Battle, AMG SA Operations Manager, said “We had been looking internally at an option to address our site WHS requirements nationally. We thought the idea of an industry platform would suit our customer base, and the content meets our needs. Feedback from growers and carriers has been really positive which has backed up our decision to lead the way in trying to simplify the process.”

Balco General Manager, Rob Lawson, also saw the benefits of an industry platform, “We wanted to further endorse our induction process giving our growers the opportunity to complete an induction online and be familiar with the site and its practices before arriving. With the changes to WHS legislation, there is an obligation for us to provide a base level of education around WHS. This system certainly fits the bill nicely.”

Ian Pearce, Operations Manager at AGD, sees the system as a step forward for the industry. “It provides a common sense approach to meeting WHS requirements of at our site, but we also feel the On Farm module will give producers some benefits in addressing their own general safety commitments on their property.”

Our initial rollout with AMG went smoothly, and growers and carriers say they are happy to see the industry come together for an important issue such as safety. General grower feedback suggests the average time to undertake the induction for the Core and Grain modules is between 45 to 70 minutes. These times are obviously dependant on IT proficiency and line speed.

Ag In Compliance is in continued positive discussions across a range of commodities, with an expectation of further companies participating in coming months.

Streamlined new option for On Farm safety inductions

AIM On Farm Home ScreenAg Induction Manager now includes an On Farm industry module. Developed with input from regulatory authorities and Producers from across Australia, the industry module provides a tool to perform initial On Farm safety inductions for Producers, their employees and contractors.AIM-On-Farm-Home-Screen

For some Producers, the On Farm module will formalise and document a process already being done informally. For others, it will be a starting point towards meeting legal requirements.

There is no additional charge if you are already a subscriber to Ag Induction Manager. Instructions for adding the module to your account can be found on our help pages.

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