Ag Induction Manager provides a cost effective opportunity to drive behaviours, demonstrate good corporate social responsibility and meet some legislative requirements.

  • A secure online induction solution reduces your administrative burden of delivering workplace inductions to Producers and Carriers
  • Enhance your WHS compliance to reduce your risk liabilities
  • Ability to add your own topics
  • Other industry specific topics also delivered, such as food safety guidelines for delivery of grain
  • Alerts to producers/carriers when modules are updated
  • Easily verify current Induction status of the Producer or Carrier
  • End user support provided by Ag In Compliance
  • Recordkeeping of inductions and content retrieval on request
  • Auditable set of training records for individuals for a period of 5 years
  • Accessible on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet devices
  • Be part of the solution for reducing accidents and improving standards in the Agriculture sector